Wednesday, 18 July 2018

13 Must See New Colouring Books for June - August

So, here are the books being published recently that have caught my eye, with purchase links. Scroll down to see 2019 Calendars and Planners.

Special Feature

This month it is my great pleasure to highlight the books of Collette Fergus, in celebration of the release of her latest book. Here is a link to Collette's Amazon page - here.
Collette has an awesome Facebook fan page run by the amazing Jane - here.
The new book - 

The Creatures Dress Book

Buy it at - Amazon;   Book Depository.

I first reviewed Collette's Dress Book here.

I have long considered her books to be perfect for all levels of colouring experience. Just recently I have started collaging my way through this book and I'd like to share this brief flip through video of completed images so far -


The Jewellery Box by Hanna Karlzon

English version of Smyckeskrinet. 
"The inspiration for Jewelry Box is an old Edwardian house and its garden."

Buy it at - Amazon;   Book Depository

August Reverie 2

"Featuring regal characters in dreamy settings moving even further in to the realm of artful fantasy."

Buy it at - Amazon;   Book Depository

Baker's Dozen - greyscale

"This coloring storybook from Skyhook Press, based on an authentic legend, reveals the origin of the term "baker's dozen" and tells how Saint Nicholas taught a baker to be generous."

Buy it at - Amazon;   Book Depository

Beauty of Horror 3 - Haunted Playgrounds

"Go globetrotting with our undead host, Ghouliana, as she shows off her
favorite ghastly haunts from around the world in Volume 3 of the bestselling
coloring book series!"

Buy it at - Amazon;   Book Depository

Creative Haven Magical Fairies by Marjorie Sarnat

"Welcome to a world of fabulous fairies created by the bestselling artist of Creative Cats Coloring Book."

Buy it at - Amazon;   Book Depository

Creative Haven Calming Crochet Coloring book

"Thirty-one relaxing illustrations are packed with everything that make crocheters smile: granny squares, balls of yarn, craft stores, cute animals wearing comfy, handmade outfits, and much more."

Buy it at - Amazon;   Book Depository

Flowers and Gems by Salvo

"Grazia Salvo, is a very talented artist who skillfully crafts with the utmost finesse, designs appeased with her Italian sense of beauty."

Buy it at - Amazon 

Mein Spaziergang Durch die Jahreszeiten by Rita Berman

My walk through the seasons. A compilation of Rita's previous individual seasons book.

Buy it at - Book Depository 

Creative Haven Eerie Entangled Art

"spooky patterns filled with quirky images of pumpkins, skulls, ghosts, bats, and all sorts of spine-tingling themes."

Buy it at - Amazon;   Book Depository

Calendars and Planners for 2019

July is the traditional month for 2019 colouring calendars to be released. So far, the field seems to be mostly Johanna Basford creations, but if I track down any others, I'll add them in. It pays to order soon as these items have sold out in the past and I rue the day I didn't order a Brunelleschi calendar last year.

Ivy and the Inky Butterfly 2019 Wall Calendar by Johanna Basford

Buy it at - Amazon;   Book Depository

Johanna Basford 16 month 2018-2019 Weekly Planner

Buy it at - Amazon;   Book Depository

Johanna Basford 2019 Day-to-Day Calendar

I was given last year's one and this is a stunning presentation, in a beautiful box.

Buy it at - Amazon;   Book Depository

The release dates are based on Book Depository, so Amazon dates may vary.

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