Saturday, 10 March 2018

Postcrossing for Collage

With my sidestep into messing around with collage - or really cut and paste - I've got interested in creating a book based on postcards. There's a wonderful collection of photographic and artistic postcards out there.
About this same time I picked up a trashy magazine that someone had left on a plane. In it was an article about an Australian woman who had been exchanging postcards with people all around the world. I like getting snail mail so I joined Postcrossing - here.
It's a well thought out process and I have found it quite engrossing. I've sent off seven postcards so far to Germany, Russia, Hungary, Finland, Taiwan and two to the US.

Sent Postcard #1 has arrived in Bitburg, Germany after just 9 days and has been registered on the site as having arrived. That means that someone has been given my address and in due course a postcard will arrive. I've no idea where it's coming from so that adds to the surprise.

Postcard sent #1 - view of Auckland from my local volcano, Mt Eden

Sent Postcard #2 has arrived in Spokane, Washington State, US after 15 days and has been registered so there will be a second postcard on it's way to me from some unknown person. This card is of a wonderful park close to me called Cornwall Park. In spring it is really special to walk through Twin Oaks Drive when the daffodils are out and baby lambs are around too. In autumn the colours are beautiful as you can imagine.

Cornwall Park, close to me in Auckland

No cards have arrived for me yet but I'll be fascinated to see what comes.

All this has led to me researching postcards and what's available on a non NZ theme.
I found this postcard book of really beautiful vintage fabric designs from the Collier Campbell archives -

Available at Amazon US;  Amazon Uk;   Book Depository

Just now I've found this huge pack of Animal postcards. Yes, I bought them - a bargain at Amazon US!

Available at Amazon US;   Amazon UK;   Book Depository

I'd love to know if any of you are Postcrossing as well. I'll probably update this each weekend. Have a good week everyone. I'll be getting back into colouring Wyspy.

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