Friday, 23 March 2018

March Roundup...

It's quiet in the colouring world right now and has been getting progressively so for a while.
That means that this blog is looking at different bits and pieces that catch my eye and seem like a challenge. It's always about colour though.

Last month in the New Books list we had the new colouring book Fantomorphia from Kerby Rosanes.

This week has seen Johanna Basford announce her new book, World of Flowers, (links in the caption of the photo below),  due out in October. It is the same publisher as her more recent books so the quality of paper should be well thought out.

Listed at Amazon US;  Amazon UK;  Book Depository

Also due out will be a 2019 wall calendar based on Ivy & the Inky Butterfly. That should be available in July when most of the calendars and diaries are published.

My own colouring has been based on Wyspy which I'm now over halfway through. It's got to the point where the images are moving away from being sea based and on to the islands. You can read my review of this super book here. I am really enjoying it so much.
Here are the two most recent images -

Wyspy - The island in winter

and here is my farewell to this tree, also now in winter. I added in some water and a watery, winter sunrise - 

Wyspy - The winter tree

Also my weekly collage diary continues as does my Floribunda Journal - review here.

Another collage project started last month. I'd noticed as I flicked through vast numbers of magazines, cutting out bits and pieces, that often photos of cooking and recipes showed quite interesting cutlery beside the plates. 
That led me to start another collage book, based on colours, called "Cutlery on the Side". Each double page spread has at the outer edge of each page part of a plate of food with cutlery. Then I take the colours from the backgrounds, food or plates and pull together an eclectic collection of items in those colours.

In the last post I mentioned Postcrossing and my next collage project. The first couple of postcards have arrived and I've been thinking about how to organise this project. Initially I though I'd do it in countries but that didn't seem much of a challenge. 
So instead I'm going to take the four (maybe three) postcards as they arrive, from wherever, and make them into a cohesive collage. I'll probably deconstruct them, copy their stamps to use and maybe any interesting text and team them up with tourist photos, vintage travel posters, text and anything else that fits with the colours. 
This should prove quite challenging! So far I have two postcards from USA and one from Taiwan. Hopefully one more will come before Easter and I can get collaging.

The next post will be April's New Books. See you then.

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