Thursday, 1 March 2018

4 Must See New Colouring Books for March

So, here are the books being published in March that have caught my eye, with purchase links. Included are a couple of books I missed recently. It's slim pickings again this month although there are two major releases this month from Kerby Rosanes and Maria Trolle.
The release dates are based on Book Depository, so Amazon dates may vary.

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Colouring Books

Nightfall by Maria Trolle
"Originally published in Sweden as Skymningstimman.  
Step into nightfall, as the boundary between day and night blurs and shadows begin to appear. "

Buy it at - Book Depository (April);
Amazon US;   Amazon UK (April)

Fantomorphia by Kerby Rosanes
" Fantomorphia is packed full of intricate images of stunning fantastical creatures morphing and shapeshifting into Kerby's signature, breath-taking scenes."

Buy it at - Book Depository;

Creative Haven Vintage Seed Packets by Marty Noble
"Captivating reproductions of 31 authentic flower seed packets from the early 20th century offer colorists a world of nostalgic charm."

Buy it at - Book Depository;

The Fantastic 4 Seasons
Only available at Amazon UK and Amazon France.

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