Saturday, 24 February 2018

Quirky Botanicals and Friends

Don't you just love that word "quirky"? It immediately brings a smile to your face because you know the artist wants you to enjoy this book. I think that this is Mariana's first colouring book although she is also a commercial illustrator and children's books artist.

Title:  Quirky Botanicals and Friends
Artist:  Mariana Musa

Here is my flip through video -

At a glance.....

Size - 216 x 279mm,  110 pages
Single-sided images - yes
Images into the spine - no
Paper - white, the usual Createspace paper
Perforated - no

Water-based pens - yes

Tell me more.....

This book has an interesting feature that certainly challenged me. Each black-outlined drawing is repeated with the outlines in pale grey. I've come across this in two other books I have - Kwiaty Baroku and Ruth Sanderson's Twelve Dancing Princesses. Those members of the Kwiaty Facebook group who have attempted the pale grey versions have commented on how difficult it is to colour.
So, I jumped in with both feet, chose a lovely design that reminds me of mid-century art and tested myself out on both bold and pale outlines.
Immediately I realised how completely adapted I am to bold outline colouring. It seems strange when they aren't there. The black outlines make your colouring pop more.

So here is the first example; the black outline page. 
The right hand motif is coloured with Schpirerr Farben pencils, with no blenders used. The left hand motif is coloured in alcohol based markers.  

Black outlines

Now, here is the pale outline version of this image. I have used exactly the same pencils and pens and the difference still amazes me! Very interesting.

Pale grey outlines

I took this book along to my local colouring group and it was good to see that everyone found images that they'd be keen to colour. Some were drawn to the more whimsical images of cute animals and birds; those who enjoy colouring Hanna Karlzon. Others were attracted to the flowers, which are well drawn - stylised flowers and more realistic ones. I was interested in the patterns.
The book is on Createspace paper which can be a bit difficult for getting pencils to blend. The pages are single-sided so you can use your markers that will, of course, bleed through if they are alcohol based. Just place a protective sheet behind the image you're colouring.

This book will have a wide appeal and is a good starting point for beginner colourers too. You can see more of Mariana's art on her Floating Lemons pages on Facebook and Etsy as well her website - here.

* This book was kindly sent to me by the artist for an honest review. Thanks Mariana.

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Quirky Botanicals and Friends

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