Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Getting Colouring Materials from Amazon US to New Zealand

A cautionary tale!
For some time now I've been hearing about New Zealand colourers buying pencils (mostly Prismas) from Amazon US and their orders being returned and refunded before they even leave the US. This is extremely frustrating when the ordering information on Amazon says that they can be shipped to New Zealand.

This happened to me back in July when I ordered some gesso. The item was available to be shipped to NZ and was sold by an independent seller on Amazon. I opted for the cheapest shipping option as I wasn't in a hurry for it. The item appeared to leave the seller and the hiccup happened when it got to the shipping company. Amazon told me that the "shipping address is undeliverable", whatever that means!

I contacted them via email and found out that the item was being returned to Amazon and I'd be refunded. They then suggested that I might like to reorder the item but pay the highest shipping rate and I'd probably get the gesso. At this point I decided to buy it in NZ instead.

Since then I've heard of several people being refunded and one person opted for using the NZ Post forwarding system which added considerable cost to the order but at least she got the pencils!

Schpirerr Farben pencils - that arrived!

Fast forward to last week when I discovered Schpirerr Farben pencils, read positive reviews and decided at that cheap price that I'd buy them. 
Fortunately Lorraine had just gone through this process, choosing the cheapest shipping method, and experienced the now familiar return-and-refund scenario. So I thought I'd give it a try using their top shipping option as Amazon had suggested with my gesso order. Delivery was to be on Tuesday, five days after ordering. I watched the tracking information almost obsessively as the parcel moved around the US but eventually it ended up in Auckland. 
AND - it was delivered a day EARLY! Lorraine tells me that her second order of these pencils is also in NZ and she should get them very soon.

So, NZ colourers, if you are buying colouring supplies on select the most expensive shipping option and your goodies should get here.
This may also apply to Australian buyers too? Please tell me about your experiences in Comments.

Schpirerr Farben pencils

You can buy them at Amazon US but please use the highest shipping rate if ordering from NZ.

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