Sunday, 17 December 2017

Colouring the Whole Book - 2017

Here are the books that were coloured right through this year.

Dream Cities by Alice Chadwick

This was the first book I coloured anything in, so I can remember that nervous moment. The book took over a year to colour through, because I put it aside to complete the Macmillan Alice project in 2016. 
However Dream Cities (review here) finally got finished in early 2017. For some reason I started at the back and worked forward. Alice's drawings were full of variety and interest and I never got bored with this book. There are several spreads in it that were done as group challenges - pointillism, pastels only, reverse colours, day-night spread. You can see a Step-by-Step post on one of the images - here.

Here's the completed book -

The Wallpaper Book

Such an enjoyable book to colour and I was able to use all my markers as bleed through didn't matter. The book follows the history of wallpaper and includes an example of the style to colour from each period. Included in the images are photos of furnishings and a succession of pets through the years. Lots to research and learn. Review is here.

Here's the completed book -

Pictura Cats by Laurie Hastings

This is a fold-out frieze so while it didn't take as long to colour as a book, it did pose some unique problems that I must blog about soon. You can see the review - here. So much grass colouring led to another blog post here. These are still the best drawn cats I've seen.

Here's the completed Pictura - 

Fantastisches Malbuch by Colin Thompson

I suppose this has been the main project this year. So much to colour but a well-paced book with lots of humour in the images. You don't know a Colin Thompson image until you've coloured it. My review is - here. There is a Step-by-Step post on one of the spreads - here.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

For absolute delight this book took out top spot. The illustrations are slightly enlarged and adapted for colouring but you feel as though you are colouring the Potter originals. The bonus is that the story is set out exactly too. Just a joy from start to finish. I wish Dover would produce more of Potter's books like this one. By the way, the cover is not good although Book Depository show the earlier, more attractive cover. Review is - here.

The Night Before Christmas by Charles Santore

Quite challenging and it took me a while to settle on what media I was going to use. I ended up relying mostly on pastels. The book includes the poem but some lines are a bit out of sequence. Wonderful drawing by Santore - amazing angles and perspective. Review is - here.

And that's it for this year. Hopefully 2018 will be as productive. We'll see. Thanks to the tiny Facebook group for their support.

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