Monday, 2 October 2017

The Night Before Christmas - Charles Santore

It's great when a master illustrator gives us the chance to colour in their drawings. Charles Santore has illustrated some of the classic stories as picture books and here is the latest of his colouring book adaptations.

Here are a couple of my colourings from this book -

Title - The Night Before Christmas Coloring Book
Artist - Charles Santore

Here is my video flip through - 

At a glance.....
Size - 260 x 272mm, 48 pages.
Single-sided images - no
Images into the spine - no
Paper - white, average
Perforated - no
Water-based pens - yes but try them out first.

Tell me more.....

The artwork in all Charles Santore's picture books is wonderful. It's a thrill that several colouring book versions of his illustrated classic tales are available now (see below). The picture book version of The Night before Christmas is probably in many homes and now we can have the pleasure of colouring it ourselves. I seem to be colouring a few night themed books this year and this is another one that I am colouring right through.

The drawing - I get the strong impression that these colouring images are taken from the first charcoal sketches rather than the finished picture book. There are several small differences such as the moon missing in the first image. The drawing has a greyscale feel to it with slightly fuzzy linework and some sketch marks have not been edited out. It doesn't affect the final colouring unless you're using pale colours as these sketch marks a very faint. The colouring images, each one with a border, are only on the right hand pages with the corresponding original text on each left hand page.

On the inside covers are all the images as they appear in the picture book. You will be able to get a feel for the book even if you haven't seen the picture book version. Also you'll be able to see where the colouring book images differ slightly. Already I've added in the moon to the first image and bricks to the second image.
The paper will take water-based pens but if you go over the same patch repeatedly, you may get some bleed-through. The book lies very flat which makes a pleasant change, but I hope the binding lasts the distance.

A lovely book to colour, in the lead up to Christmas.

This book was purchased by me.

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