Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Step-by-Step - an Image from Fantastisches Malbuch

At the request of Cynthia, I'm doing this post to show you how I go about colouring an image from Fantastisches Malbuch (review).
These book shelf images are quite overwhelming at first and it's a bit like teasing apart a tangled ball of string. There are repeated cameos throughout the book - Cafe Max, the red biplane, Max the dog in a window, the thatched cottage.

Here's the completed image - 

Completed image

Step 1 - 

This image is from a Bizarre Bookshop jigsaw by Colin Thompson. First up I found Cafe Max and put in the red striped curtain. I wasn't able to track down the red biplane in this image but I did hunt for it! 
Next up was to get the yellow light in windows, under doors and in stairwells. I always miss a few and find them as I colour.
Then I tackle the wooden framework, using Inktense Oak. The stairs I colour a bit lighter in Inktense Tan. I'm leaving some of the middle framework as I might change colour to make more of a feature of it.
The advantages of doing the framework first are to explore the image and to break it up into easier to manage sections.

Step 1

Step 2 -

I finished the framework, coloured the greenery, coloured the funny little pink creatures and feet protruding from books. I found a second Cafe Max along with the thatched cottage. Also I coloured the drawers. I coloured the framework in the centre area a slightly brighter russet colour. Now it's time to tackle it by section.

Step 2 

Step 3 -

It's been a busy day and I've virtually finished the right hand strip. Some of this image can be found in other drawings too. In places, especially that vertical panel of rooms, the details are very small. The Russian dolls up the top were fun to colour. Tomorrow I'll start on the left hand side and work my way into the middle.

Step 3

Step 4 -

Working my way up the left hand side and slowly in to the middle. I'll still need to go back at the end and colour skin and sky (with pastels). Some funny book titles in this section.

Step 4

Step 5 -

I got on a roll and finished it today. This often happens when a colouring gets to this stage! 
The glass fronted cabinet in the centre was interesting and I put aside my Inktense and got out the softer watercolour pencils. Then I added my signature black border. Lots of amusing book titles along the way and plenty to enjoy.

Step 5 - completed

Here is my video of the book completely coloured - here

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