Sunday, 6 August 2017

Colouring Catchup.....

This week I had to make an unexpected trip away so there was less complex colouring done. Probably quite good for my somewhat stressed eyes!

Some background - I've never had an art lesson in my life and I consider myself an average colourer who just puddles along, trying to complete books, enjoy and challenge myself. These colouring posts are really a record for me, primarily, of what I coloured and some background to the colouring. I doubt that anyone will learn anything from them so don't expect a tutorial! Just me, rambling about my hobby! 

Before I headed away I completed a copy of images from Fantastisches Malbuch (review).
Both were less detailed images and I really enjoyed them.

Here is the balloon from Tower to the Sun. I tried to get some shape into it by using darker colours around the outer edges. This is done in Tombows with some pastel for the sky.

Fantastisches Malbuch

Here is the next image which is probably the most popular image in this book. During the week I'd found an old book of nursery rhymes illustrated by Nicola Bayley and her illustrations are the inspiration for this one.

Fantastisches Malbuch
Inspired by this book

While I was away I coloured just from this book - If the Cat Fits - review hereIn this book it's the background that gets coloured as the furnishings are existing photos in the image. Then you can choose from many stickers on everything cat related to place wherever you like in the image.

Here is an exquisite, minimalist decor and I felt it deserved a rogue of a cat, flying off the table!

If the Cat Fits

Then I coloured the first of the landscape background images. I still need to smooth it out with some pastels. The dude in the lounger is well into Happy Hour!

If the Cat Fits

Next was this fireside scene with two cold looking Sphynx cats. I may yet change the purple to dark red. Still thinking about it!

If the Cat Fits
And finally, channelling my inner Mondrian with this easy colouring -

If the Cat Fits
See you next week probably.

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Fantastisches Malbuch by Colin Thompson

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If the Cat Fits

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Flip through video is here on Youtube

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