Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Ivy and the Inky Butterfly

Johanna has taken a new turn with this book, that is being released in October and can be preordered now before the price gallops up again.
This time the artwork is based on a story and this idea really appeals to me. It gives a framework on which to base your colouring and there is a story progression to motivate you to keep on colouring.
What a lovely idea it would be to colour this right through to share with a child you know.

Here is Johanna taking us through her upcoming book. It's a joy to hear the about the background to the book.

What I noticed...

 - the paper is ivory.
- on the double page spreads, Johanna has been careful to keep the drawings mostly free of the spine.
- the borders framing much of the text are plentiful and beautiful.
- a couple of references to illuminated manuscripts. I like this.
- the flowers are more identifiable and there seem to be more of them than in previous books. Possibly more flowers than leaves which would be nice!
- the drawings are much less detailed; a huge positive.
- there is still room to "do your own thing."
- there is a colour palette page at the back.
- there is a lot of text; even more than I expected. I hope an editor has taken a good look at it. This won't matter to many of you, but I don't like waffly, unedited text.

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