Monday, 24 July 2017

Colouring Catchup.....

Well, it's last week's colouring really. I'm just a big slow getting the post up!

Some background - I've never had an art lesson in my life and I consider myself an average colourer who just puddles along, trying to complete books, enjoy and challenge myself. These colouring posts are really a record for me, primarily, of what I coloured and some background to the colouring. I doubt that anyone will learn anything from them so don't expect a tutorial! Just me, rambling about my hobby! 

This week I finished two spreads from Fantastisches Malbuch (review).
The first spread is from Colin Thompson's book The Paradise Garden and this spread represents all the horrendous noise in Peter's everyday world. You'll get a few laughs out of this one. There's Cafe Max, lots of little people, dogs, a massive red biplane, a few toilets and - curled up on his bed in a tiny corner of one frame - is Peter trying to escape it all. Colin has used lots of white dashes to indicate volume of noise and they were quite tricky to colour around. I suppose I should have used my white pen, and I might even go back and do that.

Fantastisches Malbuch

The second spread from this book was highly detailed and colouring it has given me some eye strain, even working with a magnifying glass in one hand. I'm going to have to be more careful in future and pace myself.
This image has parts from Paradise Garden but is in total from a jigsaw puzzle called The Gardener's Cupboard. It was a delight to colour this after some of the more dour images from Tower to the Sun. There was lots to enjoy here and I particularly like the patches of sky that seem to open up the the image. The tiny red biplane is in the waterfall and Cafe Max is down the bottom.

Fantastisches Malbuch

As a break from this book I turned back to exploring blacks and greys in Secret Garden. I'm colouring the whole book in these colours. This mandala like image has really large leaves that are challenging to colour. I decided to explore the range of watercolour pencils I have in various greys. So I used Inktense and Graphitint for this mostly, with some Holbein cool and warm greys. It was fascinating as some of the greys have blue, purple, green and red tints. To make the image more interesting I added my brick wall behind it using pastel and a stencil. Putting a circle of bricks around the image made it seem like a peephole in the wall.  Well, that was the idea! Oh, and there's a yellow bee.

Secret Garden

See you next week probably.

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