Sunday, 16 July 2017

Colouring Catchup.....

It was quite a busy week, so not quite so much finished on the colouring front.

Some background - I've never had an art lesson in my life and I consider myself an average colourer who just puddles along, trying to complete books, enjoy and challenge myself. These colouring posts are really a record for me, primarily, of what I coloured and some background to the colouring. I doubt that anyone will learn anything from them so don't expect a tutorial! Just me, rambling about my hobby! 

First up, it was good to get back into Floribunda - (review here), which I am slowly colouring my way through. This book is the most challenging that I'm colouring in. Firstly I coloured the peonies with that lovely peach/pink palette. I'd intended to go for strong blue irises but it would have been overpowering so I scaled it back to mauve ones. I'm never satisfied when I use the mauve/blue colours. They don't turn out how I envisage them and often look streaky.
Here it is - 

From Floribunda by Leila Duly

Once my trees stencil arrived I was able to finish this from Secret Garden. I decided to carry on the wall through from the owl page and put a hint of trees behind the leaves. As always with this book, I'm exploring blacks and greys. 

Secret Garden

Early in the week I did this page for our Auckland colouring group challenge. Everyone else was using blues and greens but they let me do my monochrome thing. I love this one and putting a wall at the back really gave a feeling of being enclosed, which I like.

Secret Garden

Then it was back into the next three spreads from Fantastisches Malbuch (review).
This one is from Tower to the Sun, showing them stacking up buildings yet they still couldn't see the sun. Two red biplanes this time along with Cafe Max.

Fantastisches Malbuch

See you next week probably.

Books that I'm colouring …..

Floribunda by Leila Duly

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Flip through video is here on Youtube.

Fantastisches Malbuch by Colin Thompson

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Flip through video is here on Youtube.

Secret Garden by Johanna Basford

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