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Colouring Catchup…..

Actually it's two week's colouring as I was away for part of last week.

Some background - I've never had an art lesson in my life and I consider myself an average colourer who just puddles along, trying to complete books, enjoy and challenge myself. These colouring posts are really a record for me, primarily, of what I coloured and some background to the colouring. I doubt that anyone will learn anything from them so don't expect a tutorial! Just me, rambling about my hobby! 

First up is this pair of drawings from 100 Hugs by Chris Riddell that I reviewed - here.
This isn't a colouring book so the paper is cheap quality so this restricts me to pencils and pastels. I'd just bought a tin of pastel pencils, second-hand, so this was the perfect chance to try them out. Lynette had also set a tricky colour palette challenge for our Facebook book page that involved blues, greens and pinks. For some reason I'm not taken with blue and pink. Anyway, here's the result and I know I need to try smudging the pastels with a cotton bud. Next time!

100 Hugs - colour palette challenge

Next up I headed back into my main book, Fantastisches Malbuch (review), for this wonderful drawing from Paradise Garden by Colin Thompson. I tried to keep some limits on my colours and make the flowers stand out. I was particularly pleased with the pale blue borders as I wanted them to recede and not dominate things.

Fantastisches Malbuch

Just before I went away I finished this spread from The Night Voyage (review). It's a bit annoying when artists change the details of a drawing in images that tell a story. The carriage in this image didn't appear exactly like this in the preceding image. I notice that this is going to happen a bit in this book so I'll have to breathe through my nose! The problem could lie with altered images from the original edition in Korean. Anyway, this time I wanted a really black background. I'm still messing around with what I use for black backgrounds as there are many different shades of black, believe it or not. I'll have it sorted by the time I finish the book! I added in the moon to break up the black a bit. Once again I tried to limit the range of colours I used for the paper cranes and (less successfully) for the presents. Aspects of this image also appear on the title page and the page that follows this page, so I was colouring three pages at once to some degree.

The Night Voyage

While I was away I headed back into Secret Garden to do the owl, for the third time! I first coloured it two years ago, in my early days of colouring when I was revelling in bright colours. Then I did one in natural colours. Here they are for interest sake -

Secret Garden - 2015 version
Secret Garden - 2016 version - postcard

This time though, I'm colouring the whole book in blacks and greys. So I added in the wall and a moon behind the owl. I used warm and cold grey pencils for the owl but I think I got my shading a bit wonky - i wanted it light around the outside of the owl because the moon is backlighting him, but I got a bit confused on shading his middle section. Anyway, it was interesting to see how different ideas bring out different features of the drawing. The facing page that I'm working on now is just individual leaves. I'm going to continue the wall from this owl page over behind the leaves. My daughter is bringing over some new stencils from Sydney next weekend so I might play with them too.
Anyway - here's version 3 of the owl - 

Secret Garden owl - 2017 version

Once I got back home I jumped back into Lizzie Cullen's Magical Christmas (review) for a challenge based on the Winter Solstice page. I looked at some winter Design Seeds and really liked the pale purples and pinks. I wanted a colder, washed out looking sun for this colouring. When you're colouring a whole book, you have to be careful about using a variety of palettes to make it more interesting to look through. It's very tempting (and gratifying) with Lizzie's drawings to reach for all the bright colours and have a field day. But somehow a brightly burning and warm sun just didn't match with my idea of a winter solstice, where you're lucky to even see the sun!
This wasn't an easy image and I'm starting to go off using Inktense in this book unless I want a very bright look. Somehow they are annoyingly patchy over larger areas. In this case I had a struggle with the purples around the outside and went over them with Holbein pencils to get it more even. Hope you feel suitably chilled, looking at this one - especially you Northern Hemisphere folks basking in sunshine!

Magical Christmas

The challenge done, it was time to head back to Fantastisches Malbuch for the next three spreads. First up was this dark number from the book Paradise Garden. I really enjoyed colouring this and decided to use the pale blue borders again. Yes, I did find Cafe Max and the tiny red biplane and a few dogs and eyes. I used Inktense, Graphitint and a bit of pastel on this one. 

Fantastisches Malbuch

See you next week probably.

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