Monday, 10 July 2017

Colouring Toolbox - FC Perfection

A new series looking at the various colouring "tools" that I wouldn't be without.
Each time I finish a colouring, I put away the media I've used - pencils in number order, of course! But there are a few items that never get to be put away because I use them in almost every colouring I do.

First up is the indispensable, and inexpensive, Faber-Castell Perfection Pencil Eraser with Brush. There are some others in this range as you can see below, but my own one has the brush at one end.

The Perfection Eraser range.


- A firm eraser that you can sharpen with your normal pencil sharpener, so you can make it super sharp if that's what you prefer (and keep it that way with regular sharpening) or you can have a broader, flatter tip. I tend to go for a broader tip and sharpen it up to a point when I need to.

- This is a really firm eraser so please be careful and use a light touch. They claim that it can erase ink although I've never needed to try that. I suspect that you'd get close to a hole in your paper if you tried that.

- the brush - oh my, how I love this brush! It's as useful as the erasing end. Wonderful for brushing away pastel dust, especially, so you don't get unwanted smudges. And so good for getting rubbings out of the gutter of your book.

- My one has lasted me at least a year so far and there's plenty of pencil length in it, but you can buy these in packs of three too.

Here's mine, complete with white cat fur, which gets everywhere and gets brushed away!

You can find out more …

Faber-Castell Perfection - 1 piece

Available at - Amazon US here.
                       Amazon UK here.

Faber-Castell Perfection - 3 pack

Available at - Amazon US here.
Faber-Castell Double-ended Pencil Eraser

This has different coloured ends - the pink end erases graphite, the white end erases ink. Both ends would erase pencil.

Available at - Amazon US - here.
                        Amazon UK - here.

You will also find these eraser pencils available at specialist artshops and some stationers.

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