Friday, 7 July 2017

A Roundup of Colouring Technique Books

It took a while, but eventually publishers began to meet the demand for colouring technique books. How do you shade gems? How do you do backgrounds? What are the best pencils and pens? How can you put texture into my colouring? Skin tones? Oh yes, there was plenty that we didn't know about.
Here is a roundup of what's been published that's caught my eye. I'll start with the most recent, which I haven't got my hands on yet, but it looks good.

Colorist's Special Effects by Helen Elliston.

I like Helen's colouring books and in this book she tackles head on those colouring questions you have - gems, faces, bubbles, metallic effects, light and so much more.

Available at - Book Depository;   Amazon US

Encyclopedia of Coloured Pencil Techniques

My review with a quick video flip through is - here.
For the more experienced pencil colourer.

Available at - Book Depository;
Amazon US;   Amazon UK

New Guide to Coloring

My review with a quick video flip through is - here.

Availabe at - Book Depository;

Amazon UK and at Booktopia (AU) 

Creative Colouring Techniques by Felicity French

A good book to start with.

My review with video flip through is - here.

Available at - Book Depository;
Amazon US;  Amazon UK

Both of these Jane Monk books have very good sections on colouring technique at the front of each book, followed by many inspiring images to try out what you've learnt.
My review is - here.

Tangled Travels

Tangled Fantasies

Available at Book Depository;  Amazon US
 Amazon UK and Booktopia (AU)

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