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Tally Ho!

Here comes the first book from Lizzie Cullen in 2017. This one, Tally Ho!, continues her series, of country-based books, exploring the culture through proverbs. This one is a romp through Britain. 
Later this year will be Daji Dali, based on all things Chinese.

My colouring - One Can't See the Wood for the Trees
Title:  Tally Ho!
Artists: Lizzie Cullen

Here is my video flip through -

At a glance…..

Size - 250 x 250, 96 pages
Single-sided images - no
Images into the spine - yes, some do.
Paper - white and good
Perforated - no
Water based pens - yes, but test first.
Who will love it - those who love everything British, those who are Lizzie Cullen fans and those who want to research British buildings and explore proverbs.

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Tally Ho! by Lizzie Cullen

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I've been looking forward to this one as Lizzie is on home turf here. And I'm not disappointed. In fact I'm delighted to see her incorporate some double page spreads, more reminiscent of her Magical series of books. There are many references to history, either through the source of the proverb or the buildings and places that inspired her drawings. This is the sort of stuff I love so I can get my research hat on and find out more.


If you know Lizzie's books you'll be familiar with her lovely, flowing, hand drawn images which are apparently based on "psychogeography". See, another term I've learnt! 
Lizzie's drawing encourages you to go over the lines and get into swathes of colour. The images may look a bit overwhelming at first, but just start on a feature you recognise and you'll be surprised where the drawing takes you. Lizzie has a very busy fan page on Facebook that you may want to check out.
Line length is medium throughout. Some images take up a whole page or double page spread and others are contained within a framework. The script is freely hand drawn which really appeals to me.

Paper and Layout:

The book opens with a map of the UK pointing out the various locations that drawings are based on. Facing this map is a page telling you how to use the book - indices for the proverbs and their meanings, and for the images showing the hidden objects. In the proverbs index is also listed the locations or origins of the quotes in the book.

Th paper is the same as in the other proverbs books. Pencils will be fine as will water based pens, although you should always test them out first. The paper may not take excess water from watercolour pencils though, so take care. There are images on both sides of a page and a few of them run into the spine, although the book lies fairly flat.

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