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2 Beauties from Leila Duly

Leila Duly's book, Floribunda was my Colouring Book of the Year for 2016. I'm colouring it right through although I'm only at the quarter way mark right now! 
So I was thrilled to welcome these two new books to my Leila Duly collection.

The Flower Year

Here is my flip through video - 

Floribunda, a Colouring Journal

Here is my flip through video - 

Leila's colouring from The Flower Year

At a glance…..

Size - 175 x 228, 104 pages (Flower Year); 148 x 210, 144 ages (Floribunda Journal)
Single-sided images - no
Images into the spine - yes, some do.
Paper - ivory and good
Perforated - no
Water based pens - yes, but test first.
Who will love it - those who love colouring botanical images, fans of Leila Duly and those who want to own beautiful colouring books.

You can find out more …

The Flower Year

Available at - Book Depository;

Floribunda, a Colouring Journal

Available at - Book Depository;


Available at - Book Depository

Image from Floribunda that is included in the Floribunda Journal

Tell me more …


What a trilogy these books make. I like to differentiate them like this -
Floribunda makes me feel like a florist, choosing the colours that go together to make a pleasing bouquet or wreath or cluster of particular flowers.

Floribunda Journal is first and foremost a journal that includes those individual flowers (but colourable) that featured as a key on the inside covers of Floribunda. So this journal brings out the botanist in me.

The Flower Year ventures out into the garden and amongst wildflowers as Leila takes us through a Northern Hemisphere year. Now many of us, me included, live in the Southern Hemisphere, so our seasons and some of these flowers are different. But that's no big deal. This stunning little hardback has half a dozen colouring pages per month including a double page spread. And because we're outside, we have birds, butterflies and other insects in the images too. 

My colouring of the violets from The Flower Year


Absolutely stunning drawing. Beautiful images, even left uncoloured to enjoy.

Another colouring by Leila from The Flower Year

Paper and Layout:

Beautiful, silken ivory pages in these smaller sized, hardback books. Laurence King Publishing produce top quality journals and this Journal, and Book, are right up there. As you'll see from the video, the Journal has a few blank pages between the drawings. 
The Flower Year has interesting quotes on the title page for each month and at the back is a pictorial index to the images that lists the plants in each drawing. You'll be referring to this a lot as you research your flowers and leaves. 
Pencils will be fine but make sure you test any water based pens on an inconspicuous page. The covers continue the soft pink covers that we associate with Leila. 

* Both these books were purchased by me.

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