Sunday, 5 February 2017

Colouring Calligraphy

Although I love calligraphy and anything typography related, I'm absolutely hopeless at doing it myself. So I fell upon this book when I read about it. Oh, and to be patriotic, the artist is a New Zealander.

Title:  The Calligrapher's Colouring Book
Artists: Renee Chin

Here is my video flip through -

At a glance…..

Size - 248 x 249, 96 pages
Single-sided images - yes
Images into the spine - no.
Paper - white, good
Perforated - no, but can be removed
Water based pens - yes but test first.
Who will love it - those who enjoy colouring different fonts, those who want a gift to colour for someone special and those who can see the potential for using it in other crafts..

You can find out more …

The Calligrapher's Colouring Book

Available at - Book Depository;

Tell me more …


I've seen other attractive lettering books for colouring but this one's both comprehensive and would be a good choice for a beginner colourer.


Look at that line width - nice and thick, so easy for beginners and those with dextral difficulties to handle. Also those bold black lines will make the colours you use "pop."
The letters are filled with leaves and creatures of all types, some of them harder to find than others. There is an upper case example for each letter of the alphabet and these are followed by various punctuation marks and numbers.

Paper and Layout:

At the beginning is an introduction by Renee about her inspiration for the book. Following on from the letters, numbers and punctuation marks, are five extra illustrations for you to colour. Check out the flip through video up above. 
All images are single-sided and the artist says they can be "torn" out so hopefully it isn't too much of a struggle to get the pages out.
The paper is a nice white with a bit of tooth. 
I'm sure there are many different uses for this book and I'll be colouring in the 'C' for a special little lady.

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