Thursday, 12 January 2017

2017 - What's Coming Up for Colourers?

Several artists are currently working on new books that aren't yet listed on Book Depository and Amazon. Johanna Basford, Millie Marotta, Daria Song, Hanna Karlzon, Karolina Kubikowska - all will be revealed in time!
Generally though, I feel that the market is now over supplied with colouring books and artists report to me that sales are low. This means that if there is a special book that you've been thinking of getting, you should get it soon before it goes out of print.

Here are Book Depository listings. Amazon links will follow in each month's new releases post although I have included some here for you.

Enjoy window shopping!

Mythomorphia by Kerby Rosanes - in April
Also at Amazon US;  Amazon UK

Also Imagimorphia Posters

Ivy and the Inky Butterfy by Johanna Basford- in October

Preorder at  Book Depository;  Amazon UK;  Amazon US

Tally Ho! by Lizzie Cullen in February. Also on Amazon US.
and at Amazon UK

Review and flip through video is - here.

Romantic Tale; the Third Tale by Eriy - in May

Twilight Garden by Maria Trolle - in April
Also at Amazon US;   Amazon UK

Also - Artist's Edition; also at Amazon US;   Amazon UK

And - Postcards; also at - Amazon US;   Amazon UK

Magical Dawn by Hanna Karlzon - in April; Amazon US
Amazon UK
Also - Artist's Edition of Magical DawnAmazon US;  Amazon UK
         - Magical Dawn Postcards;  Amazon US;  Amazon UK

Also - Summer Nights Postcards
And - Artist's Edition of Summer Nights

Carnival Escape by Jade Gedeon - in March
At Amazon US;   Amazon UK

Also - Thailand Escape


Fantastic Planet by Steve McDonald - in March

Also - Fantastic Machines


Lost Ocean Artist's Edition by Johanna Basford

Also - Magical Jungle Postcards

Birdtopia Postcards by Daisy Fletcher - in Feburary
At Amazon US;  Amazon UK

Mermaids in Wonderland by Marcos Chin - in June

Also - Mermaids Postcards

The Mythologica by Richard Merritt & Claire Scully - in May

Dinosauria by Claire Scully

Tangle Wood Collectors Art edition - in February

Also Amazon UK

Gift Boxes to Colour & Make by Felicity French - in March
Amazon US;   Amazon UK

Also - Lion Easter Colouring bookAmazon USAmazon UK

The Flower Year by Leila Duly - in March. Also at Amazon US
and Amazon UK

Also - Floribunda Journal, also at Amazon USAmazon UK

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