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13 Must See New Books for February

So, here are the books being published in February that have caught my eye, with purchase links. April will be the biggest month ahead for new titles. There are also a couple of books that I missed recently.
The release dates are based on Book Depository, so Amazon release dates may vary.

Let me know if there's a book here that you'd like me to review.

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Colouring Books

The Velveteen Rabbit Colouring book
"Now, the same magnificent artwork that has turned the hardcover classic edition into a beloved bestseller has been transformed into a charming new coloring book."

Available at - Book Depository;
Amazon US;   Amazon UK

Tangle Wood Collector's Art Edition by Jessica Palmer
"Each detailed artwork is printed on high-quality card that can be removed easily for framing and a delightful motif on the back of each sheet allows you to sign and date your hand-coloured masterpiece."

Available at - Book Depository;
Amazon US;   Amazon UK

Tally Ho! by Lizzie Cullen
"Through colouring in you will reveal hidden objects that allude to the proverbs as you lose yourself to the pleasure of discovering the beauty of all things English."
Review and flip through video is - here. Available at - Book Depository;
Amazon US;   Amazon UK

Bold Springtime to Color by Eleri Fowler
" Beautiful pen-and-ink designs, including early blooms, delicately patterned butterflies, and inspirational quotes from some of your favourite writers."

Available at - Book Depository;
Amazon US;   Amazon UK

Lotta Jansdotter Collection Coloring Book
"featuring a collection of sleek and stylish designs from well-known pattern designer Lotta Jansdotter. These fresh, contemporary illustrations, printed single-sided on high-quality, heavyweight paper."

Available at - Book Depository;
Amazon US;   Amazon UK

True Love by Inko Kotoriyama
"Color your way through a romantic journey with a cow named Lulu as she searches for her true love. Combining stunning, intricately designed black-and-white illustrations with a unique love story."

Available at -Book Depository;
Amazon US;   Amazon UK

Colour Your Own Medieval Animals - British Library
"Real and imaginary animals populated the pages of medieval books. This book is packed with familiar and exotic creatures carefully selected from the extensive collection of the British Library."
Available at - Book Depository;
Amazon US;   Amazon UK

Colour in Hope by James Newman Gray
"There are 7 main sections to the book. Each section starts with a theme, introduced by the quote, and the following 7 pages explore this theme through different artwork pieces."

Available at - Book Depository;
Amazon US;  Amazon UK

Postcards, Journals

Floribunda A Flower Colouring Journal by Leila Duly
"This beautifully decorated and produced journal has 144 pages of premium- quality unlined paper, a ribbon marker and 37 illustration details for you to colour in."

Available at - Book Depository;
Amazon US;   Amazon UK

Birdtopia Postcards by Daisy Fletcher
"20 gorgeous bird postcards to color in and share with friends." •

Available at - Book Depository;
Amazon US;   Amazon UK

Pride & Prejudice Journal by Chellie Carroll
Please note that the Amazon listing shows inside the novel rather than journal! But these are the correct ISBNs for the Journal.
"Every page is elegantly embellished with intricate patterns and iconic characters for you to colour, with plenty of space for making notes and organising your thoughts."
Available at - Book DepositoryAmazon US;  Amazon UK

Romeo & Juliet Journal
Again Amazon are showing inside the play, not the colouring journal.
"Every page is magnificently embellished with intricate patterns and spectacular scenes for you to colour, with handpicked quotations from the play."
Available at - Book Depository;
Amazon US;   Amazon UK

Colour in Peace Postcards by James Newman Gray
"Colour in Peace Postcards is a collection of 20 detachable postcards, with messages of peace, to colour in and send to your friends."

Available at - Book Depository;
Amazon US;   Amazon UK

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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

A Colouring Technique Book

We all come to colouring with different skills. Many of us, probably most of us, have no skills beyond those we picked up in art classes at school. This is a book that I would have devoured when I first started colouring. Now that I'm getting a handle on the basics, I'm looking for something to help me move forward. 

Title:  New Guide to Coloring
Artists: Various

Here is my video quick flip through -

At a glance…..

Size - 216 x 276, 96 pages
Single-sided images - no
Images into the spine - no
Paper - white, average
Perforated - no
Water based pens - yes but test first.
Who will love it - new colorers who are looking to learn techniques, those who want to find out more about various pens and pencils etc., and those who want some images to try out ideas on.

You can find out more …

New Guide to Coloring

Availabe at - Book Depository;

Tell me more …


As I mentioned above, we are at different levels of competency in colouring and while a new technique book is always welcome, I think that beginners will get the most from this. It is an attractive, well set out book and there are several images at the back for practising on.

What is covered:

Here are the chapter contents - 

- an extensive gallery of craft ideas involving colouring. 
- a comprehensive section on colouring markers, gel pens, pastels, erasers, pencils, paper weight etc and the pros and cons. This section is well done as all of us can learn about what media is available out there. 
- then the book looks at the colour wheel. 
- this is followed by a section on patterning and how to colour patterns and how to use them.
the next sections on shading, highlighting, blending and layering are more interesting to me. 
- the final section is about where to start in a colouring and how to plan your attack! 

The alternative to a book such as this is to trawl through the many, often excellent, videos on YouTube. I've learnt most by following a colour along type video of just one image. Perhaps a book that took several different styles of images and worked you through the colouring steps would be more helpful? 
For the beginner colourer this book would be really helpful and may save you money on unnecessary supplies.

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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Meet Robyn - Colourer of the Month

This will be a monthly post, featuring someone whose colouring has caught my eye.
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Introducing Robyn (Robz) who lives in Capetown, South Africa.

From Twilight Garden by Maria Trolle

A little bit about me….

I live in Capetown, South Africa, which has to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I am 48 years old, married for 28 years to the most incredible man that truly supports my hobby. I have a 21 year old son Josh and two Maine Coon kitties, Cosmo & Kikoh. By trade I'm a Pilates instructor and have been for 14 years, but I am currently on a break so not working.

From Daydreams by Hanna Karlzon

What made you start colouring?

About a year and a half ago I had what one would call a mid life crisis, as in my son was all grown up and my husband was often away for work. My back was giving me trouble so teaching Pilates was kinda getting to me, just general wear and tear, so naturally I was somewhat bored with my life. I hate the word bored, as it shouldn't be so, but anyway I found myself in a situation of not having much to do. I started looking at colouring books, but honestly I never thought I was creative at all, in that way.
One day I was in a bookstore with a good friend of mine who happens to be the most incredible artist and we stumbled upon Johanna Basford's Enchanted Forest book. She made me buy it and then proceeded to take me to my first art shop to buy some pencils. At the time I knew nothing and thought that spending $30.00 on pencils was ludicrous. Well, how things changed. I went home that evening and started the famous squirrels from this book and I was totally hooked and realised I'm not so bad at this. Well, the rest is history.

From Botanical Wonderland by Rachel Reinert

From Botanical Wonderland by Rachel Reinert

Do you consider colouring to be an art?

I most definitely consider colouring an art. It's a true process of picking the right colours and balancing them, in the image you are doing. Then there's the depth that one has to create to make that image come to life. I spend on average 20-25 hours on one pic. Obviously depending on the detail of the pic, it could take longer. I think it takes research and also looking at other artists that are better than me and to learn from them. Yes, it;s definitely art!

From Fantasia by Nicholas F Chandrawienata

What materials do you like to use?

I have to say that I love my pencils first, of which I have many, and most of the "good" brands. However, I like to play with different materials, so I use some pastels sometimes and then I also started to play with mediums that use water to activate. Honestly, I don't think I'm very good at it,  but like pencils, the more you use different things, the more you can create. Most of all, try to have fun with everything.

From Summer Nights by Hanna Karlzon

From Summer Nights by Hanna Karlzon

Which is your favourite colouring book?

I have to say that Hanna Karlzon books are most certainly my first favourite and then running very closely behind is Rachel Reinert. I somehow seem to resonate with her work and I'm able to play with colours I wouldn't normally use. I do however have about 100 in my collection and I'm trying to colour at least one or more from every book I own.
I choose pictures to do depending on what mood I'm in or what colour palette I feel like working with at the time. I use design seeds from Pinterest a lot, and in fact Pinterest and YouTube are most useful to an artist.

From Magical Dawn by Hanna Karlzon

Do you frame your finished colourings? Or display them?

I have actually laminated a few of my colourings that come from books that are loose or that one can pull out, and have them in my studio area. I'm truly proud of what I have accomplished in what I would say is a very short space of time in the art world.

From Botanical Wonderland by Rachel Reinert

What is your favourite colour?

I don't really have a favourite colour but I gravitate to the natural colours. The most difficult colours for me to use are pink and yellow. I'm also quite heavy handed and like strong, bold work and I tend to use the lighter colours in my sets for blending purposes.

From Twilight Garden by Maria Trolle

From Summer Nights by Hanna Karlzon

What advice would you have for other colourists?

Firstly, try not to take everything so seriously, and this is one I'm working on because I do tend to get very stressed when I mess up a picture.
Secondly, learn from ones that you think may be "better" than you. You are unique within yourself and cannot compare yourself to others who may or may not have had professional training.
Thirdly, ask questions, watch tutorials and save inspirational images. Use them to your advantage and make friends in the colouring world. I have met the most incredible people and have had the privilege of being able to meet up with them in person; some of who enriched my life in ways I didn't think possible.
Lastly, if the picture you are working on is not fun and is becoming a huge stress, let it go. Life, and particularly colouring time, is way too short to spend on something that isn't giving you pleasure. Move on.

Follow me on instagram: @robzlipner for inspiration

Many thanks Robz for being so open and helpful in your answers. It's been a great pleasure.

From the Jasmine Beckett Griffith Colouring book

Here are some of the books that Robz is colouring from…..

Robz is colouring from the original language editions. Here are the English language editions, some of which will be released very soon.

Twilight Garden (Blomstermandala) by Maria Trolle - in April
Also at Amazon US;   Amazon UK

Also - Artist's Edition; also at Amazon US;   Amazon UK

And - Postcards; also at - Amazon US;   Amazon UK

Magical Dawn (Magisk Gryning) by Hanna Karlzon - in April; Amazon US
Amazon UK

Also - Artist's Edition of Magical DawnAmazon US;  Amazon UK
         - Magical Dawn Postcards;  Amazon US;  Amazon UK

Daydreams (Dagdrommar) by Hanna Karlsozon

Available at - Book Depository;
Video flip through - here.

Summer Nights (Sommarnatt) by Hanna Karlzon

Available at - Book Depository;
Amazon UK;   Amazon US
Video flip through - here.

Jasmine Beckett-Griffith Coloring book

Available at - Book Depository;
Amazon US;   Amazon UK

Botanical Wonderland by Rachel Reinert

Available at - Book Depository;
Amazon US;   Amazon UK

Fantasia by Nicholas F. Chandrawienata

This book appears to be out of print. Please let me know if you find it on sale somewhere and I'll update this.

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