Saturday, 10 December 2016

Step-by-Step - from Dream Cities

At this time of year the emphasis is moving off reviewing and into my own colouring.
I thought I might share with you a Step-by-Step I did this week from Alice Chadwick's book Dream Cities.
This might become a regular feature, if others want to share their own Step-by-Steps too.
Word of warning - I'm not an artist and I just mess around with colour for my own enjoyment. So this series will appeal to others like me - complete amateurs but enthusiasts par excellence!

Dream Cities is one of the books I'm colouring right through and I hope to have completed it by April 2017. My review of it is - here.

Here is a flip through video of the book completely coloured -

Anyway, last week's colour along involved an image called High in the Clouds.
You may notice on the right hand page some small black bleed through marks from the previous spread. I chose to ignore them.

Here's the image before I started -

Day 1 -
Day 1

I started with the sun rays in two shades on Tombow brush pens - 055 and 062.
The pale yellow pen was getting a bit scratchy so I just managed to get this done before it ran out. The next stage is the buildings, in shades of gold, I think. No idea of what to do with the clouds and birds yet.

Day 2 -

Day 2

Of course the buildings took longer than I expected! The attractive buildings are done in these colours - Polychromos raw umber, green gold, Prismas ginger root and goldenrod. The windows are done in Poly dark indigo and light yellow glaze. I used a black pigment liner for the black work.
The boring buildings are done in Polys nougat and walnut brown.
Tomorrow it's the birds and sky.

Day 3 -

Day 3

It was a blue day today. The bits of sky were coloured in Polys 140 light ultramarine, 146 sky blue and some 120 ultramarine to deepen the colour of bit.
The birds were done in Polys 120 ultramarine, 151 hello-reddish and a touch of 144 cobalt-blue-greenish. I'll have a think about the clouds which I'll do tomorrow, and the smoke. I still have no idea about that rainbow arch looking pattern over the buildings.

Day 4 -

Day 4

Clouds and smoke day. For the clouds I used four pastels and for the smoke I used a fabulous Prisma colour, 936 slate gray. I wanted a bluish grey that sort of disappeared.
Tomorrow is the final burst with the yellow brick road and that pattern over the buildings. I know that I'll have to darken some of those buildings a bit too.

Day 5 -

Day 5

Late yesterday I tried out some ideas on a copy of the patterned bit. I had to find out what was going on in there!
I'm sure many people would make this the highlight of the colouring, but I decided instead to treat it as fractured sun rays and keep the birds and buildings to the fore. I used pencils on the pattern and got a reasonable match to the tombows with Polys 105 lemon cadmium and 108 canary yellow. The blues were the good old ultramarine and light ultramarine that I'd used on the other bits of sky.
Then - the yellow brick road! I did a light background of 105 and then used a darker pastel with my brick template.

Taa Dah - the completed colouring - 


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