Friday, 2 December 2016

A Johanna Basford Year to Colour

Aren't I lucky to have received this as a present? I'm over the moon to have it as it's so special - and useful!

The unwrapped gift presentation box

Title:  Johanna Basford 2017 Coloring Calendar
Artists: Johanna Basford

At a glance…..

Size - 135 x 183, 640 pages
Single-sided images - yes
Images into the spine - n/a
Paper - white, thin
Perforated - n/a, separate sheets
Water based pens - yes but test first.
Who will love it - those who enjoy the drawings of Johanna Basford, and those who want to try out colour schemes or tackle a smaller colouring project. And of course, those who like to be organised!

You can read my article about Johanna's Busy Year - here.

You can find out more …

Johanna Basford 2017 Coloring Calendar

Available at - Book Depository

The underneath of the box

Tell me more …


Johanna's non book products are so beautifully produced. This one oozes top quality. 
Even completely uncoloured, it's lovely to look through. The images here are from her first three books; Secret Garden, Enchanted Forest and Lost Ocean.

The beautiful inside of the box

One image from Enchanted Forest


Some of the images have been reduced in size to fit this typical, daily calendar size, but I don't find this reduction as annoying as in her notecards for example. Anyway, if an image looks too detailed for you to colour, just enjoy it as it is, uncoloured. 
The line width is fine throughout. On each page the month is displayed in a leafy font and public holidays are listed where applicable.
There is one image for each day of the year except for the weekends which share an image. Plenty to get your teeth into.

Another image - Lost Ocean?

Paper and Layout:

The box comes shrink wrapped to prevent damage. The top of the box has beautiful gold foil accents. Both the top and bottom can be coloured. Inside the box it is so beautiful. Black background to die for!
The pages are all loose leaf and single sided, and at the bottom of the pack are four colouring test sheets for you to try out schemes or pens.
Each page can be displayed by standing it up on the inside lid. Black ribbon acts as a hinge to keep the lid standing upright. There is also black ribbon underneath the pages to help you lift out pages easily or to act as a bookmark. 
The paper is about the thickness of photocopy paper so it won't be suitable for water-colour pencils. However, because each image is single-sided, you can use your pens of choice as the bleed through won't destroy another image. Just put some paper underneath as you colour though.
I'm sure you'll think of lots of uses for this pack. I'll probably use it to try out colour schemes but you could use it for other crafts too. A beautiful product.

One of four testing sheets

You can display pages on the inside lid

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