Monday, 24 October 2016

Glorious Illuminated Letters - a Medieval Alphabet

I remember being captivated by the illuminated letters of various Book of Hours illustrations from the Middle Ages. Such incredible detail in vibrant colours and gold leaf. Do Google it and be amazed.
So I was immediately interested in this new alphabet colouring book based on the illuminated manuscripts held in the British Library.

My colouring. 1475-1525.

Title:  Colour Your Own medieval Alphabet
Artists:  adapted for colouring by Kuo Kang Chen for the British Library

Here is my video flip through -

At a glance…..

Size - 204 x 292, 56 pages
Single-sided images - yes
Images into the spine - no

Paper - white, good, card stock
Perforated - easily removable 
Water based pens - yes but test first.

Who will love it - those who like fonts and alphabets and those who have enjoy colouring historical images. 

You can find out more …

Colour Your Own Medieval Alphabet

You can buy it at - Book Depository;

Colour Your Own Historical Maps - coming next month.

You can buy it at - Book Depository;

Tell me more …


Kuo Kang Chen has taken 26 beautiful Medieval letters of the alphabet and turned them into a colouring book to enjoy. If you're into fonts and typography, you might like to take a look at this book.  As the pages are easily detachable, you could colour a letter and frame it as a gift to someone special, associated with that letter.


Kuo has simplified the designs so that we're not expected to replicate the astounding artistic abilities of Medieval monks! Most of the letters are in portrait format with a few in landscape. Some, too, are more detailed than others so you may need that magnifying glass on hand. 

Layout and Paper:

The attractive front cover has A, B and C partially coloured with gold accents and title.
Inside the front and back covers are the original illuminated letters that these drawings are taken from. I would have liked these to be a bit larger but you might find the originals on google. There is an introduction explaining illumination and the related holdings of the British Library.
Then each page works through the alphabet. All images are on single- sided pages that should be easily removable from the gum binding. After the final image is a thick cardboard page for you to work against. Below each image is a description of what book the image is from, including dates.
The paper is white card stock and should take water based pens, but you can test on a non colouring page.

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