Thursday, 8 September 2016

"Tea is Liquid Wisdom"

Years ago I used to buy my Mother-in-law the Teapot Calendar each Christmas.
Colouring from this book has reminded me how much I used to enjoy looking through those calendars. I've got a few collections of china around the house so I was interested to explore this book. Now, I'd really like someone to produce a book of specific named types of china so that I can research them and colour them.

My colouring inspired by Clarice Cliff

Title:  Elegant Tea Party Coloring Book 
Artist:  Laurie Triefeldt

Here is my video flip through -

At a glance…..

Size - 213 x 251, 144 pages
Single-sided images - yes
Images into the spine - no
Paper - good
Perforated - no 
Water based pens - yes but test first.
Who will love it - those who like china, those who fancy colouring china and flowers, and those who enjoy colouring patterns.

You can find out more …

Elegant Tea Party

You can buy it at - Book Depository;
Amazon US;   Amazon UK

Tell me more …


This book isn't just about teapots and cups and saucers. It's about everything that goes into making up a tea party. There are flowers, patterned cloths, cupcakes and even an elegant hat or two. And quite a few birds too. There is so much in this book; a whopping 144 pages. I loved it!


There is such a variety of images. Some are closeups of china patterns. Others show an entire teapot or cup and saucer. Others have patterned cloths in behind them. Only a very few are in landscape orientation. Line width is fine to medium and while some of the images are quite detailed, I don't think it will be too overwhelming. You may need sharp pencils though or use fineliners.

Layout and Paper:

All the images are on single-sided pages and several of them have a border. No images run into the spine. At the back of the book is a bio of Laurie and on the inside back cover is a page of colouring tips.
The book is glue bound and while quite thick, should get easier to lay flat over time.
You can use your choice of mediums but please protect the following image with a sheet of paper or card. There are a few pages where you can test out your pens.

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* This book was purchased by me.


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