Friday, 8 July 2016

Wendy Lures Us Into Fashion's Golden Age of Illustration

Not many colouring book artists change direction, but this is what Wendy has done.
We know her as a creator of thematic mandala books but here she has returned to her first love, of Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

My colouring of a Helen Dryden 1919 illustration

Title:  The Masters of Fashion Illustration 
Artist:  Wendy Piersall

Here is my video flip through.

At a glance…..

Size - 216 x 279, 68 pages
Single-sided images - yes
Images into the spine - no, all images have borders
Paper - white
Perforated - no 
Water based pens - okay but test them.
Who will love it - those who love colouring fashion, those who are passionate about all things Art Nouveau and Art Deco and those who are Wendy Piersall fans!.

 You can find out more …

The Masters of Fashion Illustration

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Colouring by Aimee Rathje

Colouring by Aimee Rathje

Tell me more…..


You all know by now that I love to do a bit of research along with my colouring. I knew nothing about these illustrators except perhaps Erte, so I've thoroughly enjoyed looking at the original illustrations. 
This book glows with Wendy's passion for this period. It's totally infectious for me and I'm loving colouring these images. I have a strong feeling that Wendy has found her true niche with this book.

Colouring by Aimee Rathje


The images are based on the original fashion artworks of five artists from this period - Helen Dryden, Erte, George Wolfe Plank, Frank Leyendecker and George Barbier. They dominated fashion magazines of the time. 
Wendy has adapted these illustrations to be more suitable for us to colour, while still being faithful to the essence of the original drawings. The line width throughout is medium and there is not an overwhelming amount of detail, but enough to help you with the shading and flow of the fabrics. Some images have lots of background detail, others are more empty. A few of the images are portrait style but mostly there's lots of movement and the poses so beloved of the fashionistas of this period.

Colouring by Aimee Rathje

Layout and Paper:

On the back of each plate is information about the artist, and the month and year the illustration was first published. The book opens with two test pages for you to try out ideas. There are also several blank pages at the back of the book. I would have preferred the designated test pages to be at the back of the book but that's a very minor niggle!
The images are all contained within borders and on single-sided pages, so there are no spine issues. The spine is glued but you may be able to carefully dismantle the book to frame images. The paper is white and medium quality. You'll be able to use your alcohol based pens but they will bleed through to the blank side so put a protective sheet behind the image you're colouring.

Colouring by Aimee Rathje

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* This book was sent to me by the artist for an honest appraisal. Thanks.


  1. These look so good when they're colored. I don't own the book (yet), but if you are in doubt about whether to buy it, visit Instagram or some other social media site to see more pictures. The B&W pages don't do justice to how these look!

    1. I agree. It's a super book. I might add in some more colourings to this review. Thanks for your comment.