Friday, 22 July 2016

Creatures + Patterns + Richard Merritt = Tierzauber

Richard's been busy in the last year. Along with Claire Scully, he's drawn for The Menagerie, The Aviary and we're shortly to get The Aquarium. 
In the German published Tierzauber (Animal Magic) we have Richard drawing all these creatures - animals, birds, fish and even some insects. 

My colouring

Title:  Tierzauber
Artist:  Richard Merritt

Here is my video flip through.

At a glance…..

Size - 225 x 226, 64 pages
Single-sided images - no
Images into the spine - only a few
Paper - white
Perforated - no  
Water based pens - Yes but you will need test them.
Who will love it - those who love Richard's drawings, those who want a book that includes a wide range of creatures and those who like colouring patterned filled creatures.

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Tell me more…..


Among the artists drawing patterned animals there are many whose drawings are a bit lifeless and static. Richard breaks the mould. His drawings are full of humour, movement and shape. The camel and giraffe are giving you "that look", the penguins are bowed over their young in a nurturing pose, the parakeets have their mouths open, talking flat out, the tortoise is taking a slow, deliberate step, the walrus isn't too thrilled at being squashed into a jumper, and just look at those funny meerkats up above that I coloured. Oh, and I've just spotted the foal cuddling up to its mum!


For patterned creatures, drawn in the folk art style, these are some of the best you'll find. Some of the details are a bit small but I block colour through them using them as texture to the drawing, so it doesn't bother me. Line width throughout is fine to medium and very clear. Mostly the subjects are drawn side on and there are a few front facing images. Bascially there are no background details except in just a couple of images.

Layout and Paper:

This book is a perfect size; smaller than The Menagerie and smaller than the Marotta books. It's easy to manage and even pop into a bag to take with you. The front and back covers have lovely gold foil highlights, The fold out French flaps have images from the book for you to colour too. There is an introduction by Richard in German. 
The images are double-sided and a few of them run into the spine but that isn't a major problem as none of the images run over a double page spread. The paper is white and good quality. You would be wise to test your water based markers first.

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* This book was sent to me by the publisher for an honest appraisal. Thanks.


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