Monday, 11 July 2016

A Day in the Life of a Procrastinating Reviewer!

Something different. Certainly not exciting, but just how things pan out today. Nothing's planned really; it just happens! I'm on holidays right now so it's easy to kick back and blob out.
Fighting reviewer's procrastination disease!

Up and functioning at 7.30am which is quite late for me. Winter in NZ right now.

Here's Jaffa getting her feet warm on top of the heater and my first sudoku and cup of tea for the day. Notice the mug which is a copy of a Mondrian painting. I love it and wish I could find more of them.

Checked out my favourite websites, email etc. This group always sets me up for the day with their amazing colouring.

Neko atsume time. Helen and I are trying to max out the numbers of cats at one time. I think there are 17 cats right now which is a record for me.
We're patiently awaiting the next update for this game.

Time for a spelling quiz. No, I got these ones wrong -
supersede, ameliorate and fallacious.

A visitor from up the road pops in for the second feed today and it's only 9.00am!
Meet Ziggy, a Cornish Rex.

Right, time to actually do something!
I'm off to walk up to the village to the post shop to get a postage quote.
It's a lovely crisp morning, looking towards our local volcano, Mt Eden - the sun's in the wrong place this morning for photos!

Here's a green spot at the top of our street. Lovely trees - a native Puriri tree and a Moreton Bay Fig draping on the ground as they do.

I bought some daffodils. Spring is coming!

Where has the morning gone to?
Procrastination must end now!

Off to my makeshift standing desk which is just a couple of plastic crates. Standing's good for you, don't you know! ;-)

Oh. I forgot to get a cup of coffee. I'll be back. Oops, having a messaging conversation with Belinda about Romantic Country.
Sh, I want to get this done.

1pm - it's all done and posted. I love reviewing really, once I get into it.

The Young Ones are home from work and study for lunch in the sun on the back deck.

Ziggy's been back for another snack.

Time for me to eat something for the first time today.
I promise, this is the only food photo!
And the postie has been and there are no promising parcels of books but just white window envelopes. Boo!

Look at this pile of library books! A mix of picture books, trashy fiction, classy fiction and non-fiction.
Now for an hour's reading.

I started this NZ book by an author I enjoy.
I give a book 50 pages and if it hasn't grabbed me by then, I move on to the next one.


Now it's colouring time. Here's my rather shambolic and messy colouring table.
Once again it's a stand up arrangement.
Today though I might select my pencils and head out to the warmer kitchen to colour.

Colouring for the next review. Here it is. I've coloured plenty of teapots and cups in the Alice book so this should be okay.

I'm using the colours in this plate - sort of!

Done with this for today. In the middle of night I'll probably think about a background. That'll be tomorrow's challenge.
Gosh, it looks a bit anaemic in this photo!
The light's starting to fade as it's 5pm.

Just enough time for the next chore.

Here's my little lime tree, in a pot, beside Boris the bull!

I've left a few on the tree, but this is a pretty good haul for a tiny tree.

Now they've been juiced and the rind grated, all ready to freeze.
Must be time for a cuppa!

Have to get some bits and pieces together to make up a meal for leftovers.
Okay, now for a cuppa.

Dinner cooking and the fire is lit. The cats are gathering around it.
Hope you've enjoyed this strange blog post. Doing it certainly helped with my procrastinating today! Call it therapeutic!


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    1. Thanks Mory. It was completely random and so it was rather fun to do. We often think our days are a bit boring but people in other countries might be interested.