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5 Reasons to Buy a Hanna Karlzon Book…..

Patience is worth it! 
For over a year we have admired the Swedish editions of Hanna's books and now we are rewarded with the very best of outcomes. Publishers, Gibbs Smith, have taken great care to ensure that the English language versions of these books maintain the excellent production quality of the Swedish originals. We can look forward to the same publisher releasing her future books and postcards, along with Maria Trolle's books.

Daydreams and Summer Nights - a matching pair

Colouring from Daydreams by Sandra Whibberley

Here is my flip through video of Daydreams (Dagdrommar) - 

Here is the flip through video of Summer Nights (Sommarnatt) - 

Here we go…..

1 Appearance -

These books have been on a table and I cannot walk past them without stopping to stroke their smooth, silky covers and touch the contrasting textured book tape spines. 
They are hardbacks! That's rare amongst colouring books. Often I just hug them! 
These are "proper" books, to love and cherish. They ooze top quality. Well done to Gibbs Smith.

2 They are Approachable -

The drawings, although on a variety of subjects, form a coherent whole. 
They aren't so packed with detail that you'll need your magnifying glass. Phew! 
The ink is black and feels secure to colour around and the line width is mostly medium so doesn't feel intimidating at all. Looking through the books you're not aware of lots of repetition, as in many colouring books. These books don't feel as though they've been padded out with seemingly endless wallpapers.

3 Subject matter

To me it looks as though nature has met fairy tales. The drawings continue the great fairy tale illustrating legacy of Beardsley and Rackham. There's an edge of darkness never too far away and yet the nature images aren't in any way cutesy but invite you to lay down colour.
As well as nature, there are lots of images containing gems, tattoo influences and strongly drawn female characters.

4 Paper

How we love to discuss paper! And it is important when you're buying colouring books.
While these books contain double-sided images and several go into the spine - sigh - the paper quality itself won't disappoint you, I hope! The texture is quite smooth and the colour is a beautiful cream. The paper is the same as in the original Swedish versions of these books and publication was even delayed while they sourced the best paper. 
There is an Artist's Edition available of Daydreams which may be worth investigating if you are serious about colouring only single-sided images.

5 Treasured

These books have the feel of being collectible. Both volumes are the same size and sit well beside each other. They just feel and look really special. They will be still owned and treasured by many in thirty years time, I'll bet.
Hanna is currently working on the next book, Magical Dawn, and 2017 will also see the Artist's Edition of both Summer Nights and this new book.
Currently available are postcards from these books and the Winter Dreams postcards.

My colouring from Summer Nights

At a glance…..

Both books - 
Size - 208 x 254, 96 pages
Single-sided images - no
Images into the spine - some do
Paper - cream
Perforated - no  
Water based pens - yes but you will need test them.

 You can find out more …

Daydreams - Dagdrommar

You can buy it at - Book Depository;

Summer Nights - Sommarnatt

You can buy it at - Book Depository;

There are also an Artists Edition and Postcards available. 
To see all of Hanna's colouring creations available in English, check out her page here -

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* These books were sent to me by the publisher for an honest appraisal. Thanks. 

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