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Downunder Week - Introducing Jane Monk

The thought of doing any drawing myself fills me with dread, so I was interested to see if Jane's books could give me some hope! They did, Jane!
Jane, Australian artist and Zentangle teacher, will be well known to many of you for her earlier books Tangled Treasures and Tangled Gardens. 
Her books are so much more than just colouring books. Yes, there are many enticing pages to colour, but there are important sections on colouring and drawing technique as well as pages where Jane suggests you use her techniques to add to, and personalise your colourings.

My colouring from Tangled Travels with some additions by me under Jane's direction!

Titles:  "Tangled Travels" and "Tangled Fantasies"
Artist/Author:  Jane Monk

At a glance…..

Size - 215 x 255, 128 pages
Single-sided images - yes
Images into the spine - no
Paper - white and good quality.
Perforated - yes 
Water based pens - Yes
Who will love it - those who love tangling and being creative in their colouring, those who like the themes of the books; journeys and fantasy, and those who want to learn more about colouring and drawing technique, especially tangling and colour palettes.

New York - Tangled Travels
Tangled Fantasies

You can find out more …..

Tangled Travels

You can buy it here at Book DepositoryAmazon USAmazon UK
and Booktopia (AU)

Tangled Fantasies

You can buy it here at Book Depository;  Amazon US
 Amazon UK and Booktopia (AU)

Tell me more…..


There is so much to tell you about these books. They are truly the most comprehensive colouring books that I've come across. The technique sections are clearly illustrated and worded so they're easy to follow. Jane shows you finished images with added tangles to suggest to you what you can achieve and there are even hidden keys for you to search for. 
The Tangled Travels book takes you from different countries to specific tourist spots like Stonehenge, Great Barrier Reef and there's even Outer Space and the Aurora Borealis. 
The Tangled Fantasies book is a tanglers paradise; with many different monsters, mermaids and mythical creatures.

The Medusa Makeover in Tangled Fantasies

Tangled Fantasies

Somewhere to practise your flower shading & try out colour palettes


The big advantage of adding your own tangles to drawings is that you can vary the amount of detail you're putting in. In the colouring I did above,  Jane had discreetly mentioned at the top of the page that I add in Star Buttons (I'm not too flash at those) and Petal tangles, along with stripes to the Jester's mask. Of course the clear instructions on how to draw these tangles appears at the front of the book so I had plenty of help. 
In Fantasies there's a step-by-step Medusa Makeover, using a photo of yourself.
The line length is fine to medium throughout. There are many drawings that are complete for you to enjoy just colouring. Others have space for your own input.

New Zealand - Tangled Travels

Jane suggests tangle patterns you can add - Tangled Travels

How to draw Fractals - Tangled Travels
How to draw tangles - Tangled Travels

Layout and Paper:

I want you to get a good idea of what each book contains so I'll describe them individually.

Tangled Travels -
- basic shapes and how to build up patterns and textures, fractals, colour rests (ideas to break up streaky backgrounds), tips on colouring backgrounds, 30 tangle patterns.
- at the back of the book are luggage tags to tangle and lots of blank squares and frames to try out tangles.

Tangled Fantasies
- starts with awesome information on colour combinations, colour palettes, watercolour washes, pre-shading with markers, blenders, colour rests and 30 tangle patterns.
- at the back of the book are technique try out pages for colour palettes and flower shading.

Both books have perforated pages for easy removal and because the images are on one side of the page only, you can use whatever colouring medium you want. The try out pages give you plenty of room to test markers on the paper too.

Inside front cover - Tangled Travels
How tangled images can look.
Inside back cover - Tangled Travels
A travel itinerary

Inside back cover - Tangled Fantasies
A mythical menagerie

Inside front cover - Tangled Fantasies
Finished tangles

Jane's earlier books….

Tangled Gardens

You can buy here at Book Depository;  Amazon USAmazon UK
and Booktopia (AU)

Tangled Treasures

You can buy it here at Book Depository;  Amazon US
Amazon UK and Booktopia (AU)

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* These books were sent to me by the publisher for an honest appraisal. Thanks.

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