Friday, 24 June 2016

Award-winning and Monochrome.

This is not a colouring book!

Well, that's got your attention!

This stunning picture book has just won for its illustrator, Chris Riddell, an unprecedented third Kate Greenaway Medal for illustration. Chris is the current Children's Laureate in Britain.
So why have I brought this book to your attention?
The illustrations are mostly in monochrome with touches of gold. It is interesting to see the powerful images that can be created in just black and white. I've coloured many images in monochrome and there's plenty to learn from Chris here.

But since becoming a colourer I also find I look around with different eyes. There seem to be opportunities everywhere to add colour to objects, not just books. 
When I first saw this book I couldn't resist the chance to visualise some of these beautiful drawings with some colour added, while enjoying them as they are. 
Remember, this is not a colouring book so if you want to add colour, you will need to test the paper, which has a sheen to it. In the Alice group I am part of, one member is colouring her way through a fiction copy of Alice with Tenniel illustrations. I hope one day to colour some of Sheperd's Pooh Bear drawings in an AA Milne book.

Take a look at these two videos from the publisher, Bloomsbury Books, that give you a feeling for the story and the illustrations. I don't think copyright will permit me to show you photos of images or do a flip through video. But these videos will give you an idea of the potential I see in this book.

Firstly, here's the author, Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell -

And now Chris shows you some drawings and how some of the characters came to be represented - 

As for the story, it's a dark, magical, retelling of a tale that combines elements of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.

I've bought a copy of this book to add to my picture book collection. Maybe, like Enchanted Forest, I'll leave it as it is and admire the black and white drawings. Or perhaps…………

You can find out more…..

The Sleeper and the Spindle

You can buy it at -

Book Depository;  
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Booktopia AU

Chris Ridell is one of the illustrators in this colouring book.

Colouring for Cumbria

You can buy it at -    
Book Depository
Amazon US
Amazon UK

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