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Wyspy: Another Amazing Polish book

Wyspy invites you to take a look at these islands in the archipelago by zooming in a bit closer with each image until you're inside the rooms of the inhabitants.

My colouring

Coloured by Lynette Hansen-McNamara

Here is my video flip through -

Here is a flip through video of this book, now completely coloured -

Here we have another really attractive colouring book from Poland.
The other one, Po Drugiej Stronie Snu, is reviewed by me here.

Above & below the waterline
Title: Wyspy - Polish title translated is Island
Artist: Anita Grabos

At a glance…..

Size - 210 x 300, 64 pages
Single-sided images - yes
Images into the spine - no
Paper - white, good quality
Perforated - no
Water based pens - yes
Who will love it - those who enjoy colouring quirky images, those who like colouring landscapes and those who like to imagine a story unfolding or who like a sense of anticipation.

A bridge linking some islands

You can find out more…..

Tell me more…..

Comment:  The artist describes these islands as set in the Pacific Ocean, an archipelago with people, birds and cats. New islands pop up, some are rooted firmly to the ocean floor and others move around a bit.  As she takes us closer in, to the houses, street layouts and into the actual rooms we feel an involvement in these island communities. It's rather compelling to keep colouring on. You'll recognise your favourite houses as you're taken in for a closer look. 
For me, these islands aren't like any I'd recognise in the Pacific but are like the islands in the Mediterannean and both Lynette and I are enjoying colouring bright houses. I haven't seen anything else like this in colouring books to date and I think that the images could make up an interesting wall frieze.

Spiralling island road

A street map

Drawing:  The style is a mix of quirky, whimsical, child-like, folk art, even a feel of medieval drawings with the perspective at times. I love the trees that whoosh out at precarious angles! There's lots of humour and interest in these drawings. If you like colouring water, there's plenty of ocean to colour and some images go below the waterline too. The waves up in Lynette's colouring remind me of tapestry. 
The line length is fine throughout and you can take a detailed approach or make broader sweeps of colour, perhaps in pastels. 
The images I've shown you here are in order as they appear in the book so you too, can get a sense of progression.

Now you can see the inhabitants

Layout and Paper:  This book has a few really interesting physical features. The spine itself is not fixed in to the outer cover so this allows the book to lie out flat so there's no difficulty getting into the spine.
Update - now that I'm colouring my way through this book, I've decided that it isn't really in a book format but is rather a pad that you detach the pages either to colour or after you have coloured. You can then put them into a folder, which is what I'm doing. You will find it very difficult to keep the book format in place once you're colouring as the pages naturally detach.

The outer cover is card stock but inside the back cover is a thick piece of grey coloured cardboard which gives you a firm surface to colour on. A great idea if you like to colour with a book on your knees as I sometimes do. 
The outer cover is joined to this thick cardboard, and the rest of the book, for only part of the back cover. The book arrives sealed in clear film. 
The paper is sturdy and white. Having images on just one side, you can use your alcohol based pens if you wish. They will bleed through but it won't matter as there is no image on the reverse. 
Test your pens out first and put a sheet of paper behind the image you're colouring to protect the following image.

And into a room

* This book was purchased by me.

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