Monday, 16 May 2016

20 Harry Potter Posters

This large, handsome poster book has images taken from the first Harry Potter colouring book and the second book, Magical Creatures. There are twenty, large, detachable posters in this book.

My colouring

Title: Harry Potter Poster Colouring book
Artist: Various, listed on the back cover.

At a glance…..

Size - 279 x 356, 20 pages
Single-sided images - yes
Images into the spine - no
Paper - white, good quality card stock
Perforated - no but easily removed
Water based pens - yes
Who will love it - Harry Potter fans, those who like colouring fantasy and those who like to colour larger poster images.

My favourite image

You can find out more…..

At Book Depository;  Amazon US - Scholastic edition;  and Amazon UK

Tell me more…..

Comment:  I'm a recent convert to artist's editions and poster books. If you can be patient, they are usually well worth the wait. The paper quality is vastly improved, the images are single-sided and the books usually don't repeat the filler wallpaper patterns that can become tiresome in some books.

This Harry Potter is a good mix, although I would have liked the flying car image to be in it. It's wonderful to have so many powerful creatures to colour too and the landscapes are essential for getting into the Potter mood.
This book would make a wonderful gift, either as a whole book, or individual pages, for a Harry Potter fan. Most of the images have a border so they will look good in a frame.

Drawing: On the whole the images are strong and forceful as you'd hope them to be. With several illustrators working on this collection, drawing style will inevitably vary but the overall theme isn't really affected. Some have darker, medium line lengths while others are really soft. Because the images are larger than in the original books, you're unlikely to get swamped with the detail.
Of the twenty images, five are in landscape orientation and this works well for the landscape images. However, there are three complete wallpaper images that are probably two too many!  Several of the other images have patterned outer frames around them too, as you can see in the Hagrid image below.

A finely drawn wallpaper

Wallpaper outer frame.

Layout and Paper:  This is certainly a handsome book to have. The spine is not attached to the cover at the front or centre but is covered in book binding tape. This means that the pages lie flat for colouring. It also makes the pages easy to detach without the need for perforation, so there's less chance of you accidentally ripping a page as you try to get it out.
The paper is white card stock and because the images are single-sided, you'll be able to use your pens. Alcohol markers may bleed through but you won't be destroying another image. The images are strong so will suit the stronger colours of pens. On my colouring above I used Tombow brush pens which are water-based.

* This book was sent to me by the publisher for an honest appraisal. Thanks.

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