Saturday, 12 March 2016

Tolkien's World

Artist: 5 artists including Victor Ambrus

There is a plethora of colouring books based on movies, TV and fiction right now.
This is one of the better ones.

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Comment: you don't need to be a Tolkien fan (or live in New Zealand) to get a lot out of this colouring book! There's plenty of variety of image and the strong drawing picks up the drama, and charm, of Tolkien's stories. Well worth it.

Layout & paper: double-sided pages with some images going into the spine. Several single page images have borders around them; a plus. Binding is glued and stitched so you can get into the middle quite well and the book sits fairly flat.
White, smooth paper suitable for water-based pens and pencils. As always, test out your pens and pencils.

Drawing: each drawing is captioned at the bottom with the book the scene is from. The drawing is strong and it was a good idea to have five illustrators working on this. I've loved Ambrus's illustrating for many years, so I was thrilled to see him in the team. The power of the stories is well caught in the drawings and comes through readily, even without colour added. The landscapes images are a bit more complex and New Zealanders will love colouring their own scenic images. Line work is good and not too fine, with helpful shading lines to follow. There are plenty of character images to get into too.

Here is an image released by the publisher -

* This book was sent to me by the publisher for an honest appraisal. Thanks.

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