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The Big Chill-Out Colouring Book

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The Big Chill-Out Colouring Book

First published as Designer Doodles in 1995.

Here is the Facebook page for this book. 

When we ran a colouring competition on Facebook for this book last year, it was astounding that two people entered with colourings from the original edition, twenty years ago!
It has to be a special book that holds its place on the bookshelf, and in the heart, for that long.

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Comment: I like books of patterns. There's something quite satisfying about colouring borders and designs, especially those from other cultures and history. Because of the large format of this book, you won't get lost in microscopic detail. 
I've enjoyed colouring it and I'm looking forward to Christine's next book. 
I hope it isn't twenty years away!

Drawing: the book consists of twelve varied patterns inspired by many diverse cultures and historic patterns from around the world. There are Celtic and Arabic patterns and geometric designs of Ancient Rome and patterns with Renaissance ornamentation. The line width is consistent throughout and a couple of images are more detailed designs. See below. Other images allow space for shading in the background.

Coloured by Helen

.Layout and Paper: This book is big! It is A3 in overall size - 300 x 425mm. The size is fine when colouring the landscape aligned images, but in the portrait alignments, it can be difficult to reach the top. I decided to using a drawing board.

In most ways this book ticks the boxes for what colourers like to see in a colouring book.
The pages are single-sided, they have borders, there are no issues with images running in to the spine and the pages can be detached either by taking out the staples or by careful cutting.
The pages are stapled down the centre so that the book lies flat.
The paper is white and smooth but sturdy.
On the front inside cover Christine gives useful advice on what media to use from alcohol-based markers to watercolours, gouache to metallic markers. If you are going to use alcohol markers, perhaps put a sheet of paper behind the image just in case.

Advice on the inner cover

You can find out more….

and at Mighty Ape NZ

- Here is an album of colouring based on two images from the book -
* This book was sent to me by the publisher for an honest appraisal. Thanks.

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  1. I am colouring this at present. I find the large format rather unwieldy, but the image is coming together nicely in spite of the rather rustic drawing.