Saturday, 12 March 2016


Available at the artist link -  https://geoff-popham.ecw

Title: Manu, colour the birds of Aotearoa New Zealand 
Artist: Geoff Popham

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Comment: this is the book of the year for me. If you like colouring birds, this is the best book. It ticks all the boxes for Colourers - stunning drawings, thoughtful page layout, good paper. The images are beautifully drawn. There's movement and form and evocative NZ backgrounds. 10/10
at this stage you buy this book only through Geoff. For those of you living outside NZ, Geoff will be happy to sort out postage for you.

Drawing: quite detailed without being filled with doodly patterns. Skilfully drawn so that you know where to shade. There are pairs of birds in four of the images that have concealed letters to form the word 'love.' See the photo below.

Image - 

Layout & paper: single-sided pages. Stitched for easy removal of the pages. Slightly cream paper which isn't too smooth. It feels good but you'd need to test your pens out on the convenient spare page at the back. Personally, I think the images lend themselves best to pencils or brush pens. However, being single- sided, bleed through won't be a problem.

You can see an album of spectacular colourings from this book here -

Here is the link - https://geoff-popham.ecw

* This book was sent to me by the publisher for an honest appraisal. Thanks.

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