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Magical Christmas

Magical Christmas
Artist: Lizzie Cullen

Here is my flip through video -

Comment: What a stunning book. A comprehensive look at everything Christmas. There is the historical (the No Man's land truce), Christmas around the world, religious traditions. Even a look at Christmas in the arts - ballet and fiction. An impressive amount of research has gone into this book. The ultimate test came in colouring A Kiwi Christmas. I felt that Lizzie knew NZ well and it transpires that she has close NZ friends and is coming here again this summer. There was the water, beach, water sports, towering mountains, Pohutakawa tree, Manuka flowers, Maori style motif border. Awesome. I'll be dipping into this book again before Christmas and for many Christmasses to come. If you enjoy Lizzie's style, you'll love this book.

Drawing: Lizzie has a distinctive style that at first glance seems confusing, but when the colour goes on, the image takes on a quite magical dimension. When you colour one of her images, firstly look for the easily recognised aspects and work on them first. Then the colours will flow through the amazing swirls of pattern. Some of the single page images are easier to colour and all of the images use the same line width. It is a successful mix of some detail and scope for blending and shading. The index at the back is a guide to the subjects of each image and there is a discreet title within each drawing too. The seek & find aspect is there with the hunt on for hidden Santas and I think I found one that the publishers didn't mention!

Layout & paper: double-sided pages, white and paper that has enough tooth to take pencils well. A few images are double-page spread and go into the spine. As always with double-sided pages, find an index page to test out your pens before colouring. Alcohol based markers will bleed through the page and you may find that some darker colour fineliners show through. I found slight shading from the heavy black water-based pens but it was very faint. Always test first. Pencils will be fine. 

Some of my colourings - Kiwi Christmas

Swan Lake coloured on Christmas Day 2015

You can find out more here…

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Lizzie's earlier book Magical City
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Lizzie has a new book out this year called Magical Journeys
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At Book Depository;  Amazon UKAmazon US
and at Mighty Ape
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* This book was purchased by me as part of my collection.

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