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Lost Ocean

Lost Ocean
Artist: Johanna Basford

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Comment: Johanna's drawing is amazingly good. You'll find everything oceanic in here - ships, shipwrecks, sharks, skulls, seaweeds, starfish, sea snakes, etc. and that's about as far as I can take the 
alliteration! If you like colouring the watery world, you'll find it all in this book. As a theme, I don't find this book as successful as Enchanted Forest which had a powerful, dark feeling to it. Be prepared for some detailed colouring and sharpen up those blue and greens pencils. Maybe dipping in and out of it is the 
way to colour it.

Drawing: there are images in this book that are much more detailed than in her previous books. But there are also several single image pages for those not wanting to resort to using a magnifying glass. With the more complex drawing, try not to colour every minute segment but take a broader, shading approach over the lines. There are fewer double page scenes and it's a good idea to put the main foldout scene at the back where aspects of the images don't get lost in the spine. I am disappointed that there is less of Johanna's hallmark black inking in this book. Those familiar with the previous books will find similar style images - several wallpapers, double page garlands, the cutout images, several mandalas (not always circular). There is a bit of pattern repetition though. The seek & find aspect is there but fortunately no more words telling you what to do. Beautiful drawing and many memorable images.

Layout & paper: double-sided pages, white and quite smooth paper. A few images are double-page spread and go into the spine. The paper quality and differences between the UK and U.S. editions has been thoroughly covered elsewhere. As always with double-sided pages, find an index page to test out your pens before colouring. Alcohol based markers will bleed through the page and you may find that some darker colour fineliners show through. Always test first. Pencils will be fine.

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* This book was sent to me by the publisher for an honest appraisal. Thanks.

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