Saturday, 12 March 2016

Dream Cities

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Comment: Also known as Splendid Cities, this is good drawing from Alice Chadwick. You are taken on a tour of imaginary and real cities, each image capturing the icons and culture of that city. This is a book that I'm colouring right through and hope to finish this year. 

Here is my video of the book completely coloured. Enjoy!

Paper quality - occasional flaws, and you can't use alcohol markers/pens or watercolour pencils without bleed through and paper warping. Water based pens and pencils are fine. Always test on a page at the back first.

Layout - all double page spreads on both sides of the page meaning that you lose some image into the spine and this can be annoying at times!

Pluses - interesting and contrasting range of images.
Minuses - paper quality and layout - getting into the spine.

Image 1 - Doorways

Image 2 - Amsterdam

Image 3 - Sydney, coloured by me

Image 4 - Imaginary Island, coloured by me

You can find out more here…

At Book Depository;  Amazon and at 

Mighty Ape NZ


* This book was purchased by me as part of my collection.

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