Saturday, 12 March 2016

Colouring for Contemplation

Artist/author: Amber Hatch & Alex Ogg

Comment: the aim of this book is clear - "to bring you joy and happiness" and the authors go to considerable lengths to introduce their ideas on mindfulness and how to use the meditations and colouring, positively. And there are also some notes on colouring techniques. The quotes are well chosen and not cringeworthy. I think this could be a really good gift book for the right person, and if you choose it for yourself, you may get a great deal more than colouring enjoyment from it. I've included some images from their Facebook page.

Drawing: Alex has done the artwork in this book. Each image links to an inspirational famous quote on the facing page. Many of the drawings have borders but several also go into the spine. Full marks to Alex for these drawings. There's just the right amount of complexity to not be overwhelming and yet there's room to blend and to feel the flow. Good, thickish, black lines invite colour and boldness. Just right for all levels of ability and you won't be slaving over them for weeks with a magnifying glass!

Layout & paper: single-sided pages with the quote on the reverse. White paper and paper that has enough tooth to take pencils. You'll be able to use your alcohol markers but expect them to bleed through on to the quote on the next page. As always, test out your pens first. There are pages at the end of each section for just this purpose and for your thoughts and doodles. The book is divided into three sections - mindfulness, insight and inspiration.

Here are some images released by the publisher -

You can find out more here…

and at Mighty Ape NZ

* This book was sent to me by the publisher for an honest appraisal. Thanks.

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